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DadBoner - Tue Feb 19 2013

04:34 PM #
Had a blow up with Dave yesterday. Told him if he didn't stop complainin' 'bout me rockin' the Crue, I was gonna choke slam him. Reasonable?

04:39 PM #
Dave said, "No way." Told him, "Yes way, kimosabe." Cranked up the "Shout At The Devil" and took my shirt off, pose down style.

04:44 PM #
Dave said, "Put your shirt on, Sue's tryin' to finish her meal." Told Dave, "She's eatin' 24/7! And I'm 100% all beef." Shut him down.

04:52 PM #
Told Dave how "it wasn't the first time Sue saw my bod anyway. She peeped a big long eyeful when I was gruntin' a nude crap."

04:57 PM #
Sue got all steamed. Said some crap I don't care about so I turned the Crue back up, launched some double middle freedom rockets and split.

05:02 PM #
Hung out in the 'Bring for a few hours sippin' trunk liquor to keep chillin' and be the better man. When I came back in, they were crashed.

05:05 PM #
Got a real tense situaish at the pad now with Dave and Sue. Keepin' a personal no shirt policy though. An alpha dog has to own the yard.

05:14 PM #
Launchin' double middle freedom rockets in somebody's face with your shirt off and Motley Crue rippin' is such a power move, you guys.