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DadBoner - Sun Feb 24 2013

12:01 PM #
Had the Oscars on, but didn't see Guy Fieri on the red carpet. Might be behind the scenes, cooking up world class cuisine for the stars?

12:04 PM #
Know the Oscars are just for movies, but figured they'd make an exception for Guy Fieri and the Triple D crew. Maybes an honorable mention?

12:10 PM #
Maybe Guy Fieri's gonna show up to the Oscars late? Cruise the Camaro right down the red carpet with a touch of class. Be SO money.

12:18 PM #
Good chance the Acad don't want Guy Fieri at the Oscars. The A-List babes'd probs go wild with carnal desires. Might be an issue?

12:34 PM #
Who's this clown? They couldn't get Martin Lawrence?

12:38 PM #
Writtin' all these boobs movies down, you guys.

12:40 PM #
What is this crap? Should be doin' a song 'bout all the movies with babes' butts now. It's informative.

12:46 PM #
That's it. Puttin' in Bad Boys II. Not gonna waste my Sunday with this stinkpile.