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DadBoner - Wed Feb 27 2013

01:43 PM #
Spent the last 3 days tryin' to get a new license for the 'Bring. Some street animal musta ripped mine off for his collectsh. So steamed.

01:47 PM #
Monday, really got the runaround. Was told I needed "paperwork" and "registration." Why would I need that? It's MY car! So stupid.

01:49 PM #
Why would I drive someone else's car to the Sec State to fork over cash for new plates for someone else's ride? I'm not the car fairy.

01:54 PM #
Found my registraish that Dave was usin' as place mark for a Timehouse. Idiot. Brought it back and got beef for my license bein' "altered."

01:57 PM #
So what if I drew some shades on MY face on MY license. It's more chillin'. Makes me feel confident. Gov't can't control your looks.

01:59 PM #
What kinda free country is this where a man can't draw sunglasses with a Sharpie over his eyes on his own license?! Not MY USA, you guys.

02:08 PM #
Then, some Sec State corncob told me I gotta I buncha parkin' tix for havin' my boat hooked up all summer. Boats aren't illegal!

02:12 PM #
If you get a ticket and don't deserve it, you should be able to throw it away. Can't have a runaround 'cause some badge was bored.

02:17 PM #
I respect the cops, 100%. But when they give out crap like parkin' tickets? They can Suck It like any other civilian who's wastin' my time.

02:22 PM #
Cops should be in charge of catchin' criminals and solvin' murders. Other crap should be done by corncobs you can flip the middles to.

02:24 PM #
Got the rock outta there so my ride didn't get booted or towed. Might go see Crazy Coot tomorr. He probably knows about fixin' car crap.

02:28 PM #
When it comes to the gov't OR your trashiest pal bein' helpful with car legal troubles, the trash bag is always option numero uno, you guys.