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DadBoner - Sat Mar 09 2013

07:15 AM #
Feel like I drank a thousand beers last night, you guys.

07:18 AM #
Dave's kinda steamed. When him and Sue were out last night I put up a buncha Hustler pages on his bedroom walls. Hardcore adult stuff.

07:20 AM #
Dave needed a lesson on how babes can't control your urges of the mind for other babes. Thought the raunchy pics would send a message.

07:23 AM #
Sue went all bonkers screamin', "Karl you psychopath! You put PORNO all over Dave's room?!" It wasn't porno. It was Hustler. Idiot.

07:26 AM #
Told Sue, "Maybe not to YOU, but to a PAL, puttin' adult mag pics all over their walls is a kindness. It's reachin' out. I'm no psycho."

07:30 AM #
Sue startin' tearin' all the raunchy mag pics down and throwin' 'em at me. Felt so demeaned. Like some randy hobo who begs for adult mags.

07:33 AM #
Picked up the Hustler mag shreds and slept in my car with a half bottle of Crown, listenin' to my Motley Crue tape. I have dignity.

07:37 AM #
Sick of this. I run the yard, you guys.