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DadBoner - Sun Mar 10 2013

11:19 AM #
No Dave, I won't turn down Rocket Queen. Might be G'N R's best track off Appetite, and I need to listen to it 10 times in a row to be sure.

11:21 AM #
It's crappy out. If I have to sip cold ones, listenin' to Appetite For Destruction, layin' on the floor to save the day, I'm doin' it.

11:23 AM #
Yes, Dave, I DO need to drink cold ones on the floor. I'm tryin' to figure out some life crap! And this is where a real man does it!

11:27 AM #
Sunday is a day of REST, and I rest layin' down on the floor with a 12 pack and rock 'n roll at high volume. This is spiritual KARL time.

11:28 AM #
If someone judges how you keep it chillin', they can suck it. Just turn up the volume, close your eyes, and let 'em fade away, you guys.

12:30 PM #
"I see you standin'. Standin' on your own. It's such a lonely place for you. For you to be. If you need a shoulder. Or if you need...

12:32 PM #
...a friend. I'll be here standing. Until, the bitter end. No one needs the sorrow. No one needs the pain. I hate to see you, walkin'...

12:35 PM #
...out there, out in the rain. So don't chastise me. Or think I mean you harm. Of those that take you, leave you strung out, much too...

12:36 PM #
...far. Don't ever leave me. Say you'll always be there. All I ever wanted, was for you, to know that I care." -G 'N R. Rocket Queen.