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DadBoner - Tue Mar 12 2013

08:00 AM #
Had a guy to guy with Dave last night. Don't remember much of it. Got kinda bombed. Guess Dave and Sue might need some "space."

08:02 AM #
Things might not be goin' well for Dave and Sue. Told Dave, I'd try to keep it chillin' until the big breakup. Guy code. Least I can do.

08:05 AM #
When a pal says him and his lady need "space," it means she's puttin words in his mouth and it's time to hang out more than ever, you guys.

08:05 AM #

03:46 PM #
RIP Peanut. ?-March 12, 2012. Never forget, you guys.

04:12 PM #
Crankin' up some Big Ole Butt in remembrance of Peanut. It was his #1 jam. Gotta be respectful. Tearin' up a little.

04:16 PM #
Told Dave he better kick the 411 to Sue that tonight's all about Peanut and we gotta respect him right. Got a buncha Boone's and Mad Dog.

04:20 PM #
When you find a dead homeboy in your ride, you gotta kick it every year on his deathversary with a proper celebraish, you guys.