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DadBoner - Fri Mar 22 2013

08:17 AM #
Happy Friday to ya, you guys.

08:19 AM #
Wish I could be watchin' the tourney. Been goin' through a life transition. Just a speed bump though. Guy stuff.

08:28 AM #
Livin' in my car ain't so bad. Might just be the push I need:

10:57 AM #
Think I might really be onto somethin' with my Old Spice Backdoor Deod idea. Gotta respect the third pit, you guys.

11:00 AM #
Might swing by Crazy Cooter's. His third pit has gotta be filled with sickness and odor. So rank. Be a good tester for butt deod.

11:02 AM #
Backdoor deod has gotta be stronger than regular deod. Regular pits don't make BMs or beefs. Needs strong 24hr. protection.

11:05 AM #
Livin' in your car gives your existence a do or die attitude that takes the mind to genius levels of inspiration and invention, you guys.