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DadBoner - Sat Mar 23 2013

07:08 AM #
Kinda bummed. Crazy Cooter wasn't too chill with the backdoor deod situaish. I was just tryin' to innovate with freshness technology.

07:10 AM #
Crazy Cooter said, "I ain't shovin' no f@ckin' Speedstick in my asshole motherf@cker!" Told him it was Old Spice. Still wouldn't listen.

07:17 AM #
Coot said, "And if you wanna cram your hole full of soap and sh*t, do it somewhere f@ckin' else!" Deod isn't soap. Coot don't know hygiene.

07:20 AM #
Told Coot, "Too bad so sad for you when I'm rappin' to ALL the babes 'cause my bod is full of freshness, even on my b-side."

07:25 AM #
If folks give you crap 'cause you're tryin' to take things to another level and walk away with some pocket bread, they can suck it.

07:28 AM #
If Coot don't wanna help, fine. Screw him. I can't live in my car forever. And if backdoor deod is the ticket out, I'm movin' to paradise.

07:32 AM #
Sick of this.