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DadBoner - Sun Mar 24 2013

08:26 AM #
Woke up in the 'Bring, front of Ann & the kids' place today. Guess I was gonna say "what's up" but got too loose and conversational.

08:44 AM #
When your pals abandon you due to alleged obscene behavior, that's when family comes first, you guys.

08:46 AM #
Might reach out to Ann & the kids later today. Show 'em how I'm livin' on my own, adult style. Really wow 'em.

08:48 AM #
Livin' in your car is just part of the mobile lifestyle for go getters like myself. No need for a pad when you're on the go, makin' biz.

08:51 AM #
Plus, when I'm crankin' the Crue's "Knock 'Em Dead Kid" with that authentic tape hiss, it always sounds best in my ride, 24/7, 365, O.O.S.

08:53 AM #
When you're listenin' to a Motley Crue tape in your car, sippin' a tall boy, it makes you really wonder why you'd ever go home, you guys.