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DadBoner - Tue Mar 26 2013

07:33 AM #
Finally got around to swingin' by Ann & the kids' yesterday for a special "what's up." Sat in the driveway and really laid on the horn.

07:37 AM #
My whole fam came to the front window. Yelled out how I'm "livin' mobile in the 'Bring!" Revved the engine. Kinda cool?

07:45 AM #
Didn't go in to see my fam though. Just peeled out. Let 'em know I had better busy crap to do. Sure they were impressed.

07:49 AM #
When you get your affairs in order and go big time, that's when you reconnect with your fam and shove it in their face for major affection.

08:14 AM #
Gotta keep it chillin' successfully when you're livin' in your car, you guys: