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DadBoner - Fri Apr 05 2013

10:13 AM #
Happy Friday to ya, you guys. Way to eat up those Yanks, Motown.

04:32 PM #
Crazy Cooter just whipped out his peener and started puttin' Oxy on his "dick zits." Dick zits? Kinda concerning.

04:36 PM #
Told Crazy Cooter "dick zits" or not, I don't appreciate seein' his peener while I'm tryin' to eat an Arb's Beef & Chedd. It's not chillin'

04:41 PM #
Crazy Cooter said, "f@ck you, fat motherf@cker, like you ain't never got dick zits." Not to my recollection. My peener is a clean machine.

04:46 PM #
Any real man keeps his peener clean and mean at all times with maximum freshness in case the action gets hot, you guys.

04:51 PM #
Gonna head up to Saginaw to see Kid Rock tomorrow. Gotta see my main man blow it out in the Sagnasty!

04:54 PM #
I was Born Free, you guys.