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DadBoner - Mon Apr 08 2013

11:22 AM #
Stranded in the Sagnasty. 'Bring broke down. Really hurtin', you guys.

02:11 PM #
Are you not entertained?! Are you not entertained? Is this not why you are here, you guys.

02:15 PM #
Watchin' Gladiator at this babe Torianna's crib. She's a smooth cocoa honey. Real sensual.THICK 'tay. Ooooo wee.

02:19 PM #
When it comes to Sagnasty 'tay, you just gotta take bite. So thick, juicy, and all 'natch. Mmmmmm-hmmmmmm.

03:13 PM #
Go Blue, you guys.

03:23 PM #
Torianna's makin' me feel REAL carnal. Like, extra cocoa, bad boy style. Told her how chillin' I am. Said she's "down." Man.

04:10 PM #
Torianna just said, 'Keep it chill in case my baby daddy, "Big Mayo," roll up.' "Big Mayo?" Kinda concerning.

04:21 PM #
Said, "Big Mayo ain't gettin' doubled up on your fudge sub sandwich when the bad boy's in town." Don't know what that means but, kinda cool?