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DadBoner - Thu Apr 11 2013

07:27 AM #
Really lookin' forward to the weekend, you guys.

05:25 PM #
Got the serpentine belt fixed on the 'Bring and got the rock outta the Sagnasty. Saw a pic of that Big Mayo fella. Looked like a murderer.

05:27 PM #
If a babe's ex does things like possibly murdering people, it's time to cut off the carnal passions and stay above ground, you guys.

05:29 PM #
Think I'm gonna keep it chillin' this weekend. See what's up with Ann & the kids. Been really hurtin' lately. Got bad vibes upstairs.

05:31 PM #
It's ok to be a madman, but there's a big diff between "madman" and "bonkers disaster" who gets kicked outta Cold One City for eternity.

05:34 PM #
Sometimes you just gotta shut your eyes and pray that the night turns into another day, you guys.