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DadBoner - Fri Apr 19 2013

07:32 AM #
Happy Friday to ya, you guys.

07:37 AM #
Ann said I could come upstairs to watch the manhunt. Really shows you how when pieces of trash mess with the USA: We. Will Hunt. You. Down.

07:39 AM #
They should make a 'fume scent for babes called, "Manhunt." So carnal. Could sweep the nation, you guys.

07:42 AM #
Don't know why they have to keep sayin', "suspect." How 'bout, "garbage person who did it and needs to get his skull kicked in."

07:44 AM #
Ann says you can't just "kick in skulls." Has to be a trial. She doesn't know anything about street justice.

07:50 AM #
Wonder if the government reached out to Steven Seagal for the manhunt? He'd be kickin' in doors, breakin' arms. Man.

07:56 AM #
Told Ann we should get some cold ones for watchin' the manhunt. She said, "it's 3pm, Karl." Told her, "exactly."

08:00 AM #
Cold ones and a manhunt go together like, well, a manhunt and cold ones, you guys.

08:04 AM #
It's an American right of great freedom to sip a few cold ones, eat some 'za, and watch our country's finest track down traitorous filth.

08:15 AM #
My heart is extremely heavy for those we lost, and I cannot help but find enjoyable satisfaction by watching the situaish be resolved. USA.