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DadBoner - Sun Apr 21 2013

01:25 PM #
Ann's kinda steamed. Went to Crazy Cooter's for the 4/20 celebraish last night. Ate 3 drug brownies to be polite. Think I was over served.

01:29 PM #
Ann found me snoozin' in the 'Bring this morning. Just like old times. Sometimes it's best to ride out a journey in your chariot.

01:30 PM #
Ann said, "If you wanna continue to kill yourself this way, then that's your choice I guess, Karl." Kinda cool?

01:33 PM #
Told her, "No one's ever died from weed OR brownies. And combinin' the 2 just increases your chances of Chillin' The Most."

01:36 PM #
When a pal offers you a 'juana snack cake, there's no need to be a load about it. Just eat it and figure crap out later, you guys.

01:39 PM #
Either I'm still high, or Cinderella's "Gypsy Road" might be the most underrated rock song ever. Could be both?

01:50 PM #
Just 'cause you do drugs, it doesn't mean you, "do drugs." Don't have to be an animal about it to expand your mind, you guys.

01:55 PM #
It's not like I'm sittin' around, rippin' rails like a snow blower. So if anyone gots a problem with me eatin' drug cakes, they can suck it.

02:01 PM #
Got a chunk of adult brownie left. Gonna eat it, crank some Seger in my 'phones, put a blanket over my dome, and dream of forever, you guys.