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DadBoner - Tue Apr 23 2013

09:51 AM #
Takin' it easy. Woke up from my adult brownie Sunday night in the basement, had to use the john. Couldn't find the door. Had a freakout.

09:55 AM #
Put some holes in the drywall like an animal on drugs with a full bladder. Ann came downstairs, turned on the light when my body released.

09:57 AM #
I just locked eyes with Ann as I soaked my Tabasco boxers and socks with hot whizz for what felt like an eternity.

10:00 AM #
Ann waited 'til I finished relieving myself, then gave me some dark smile and went upstairs. Kinda concerning. Hasn't mentioned it since.

10:04 AM #
If you watch an adult relieve himself to completion in a locked eyes situaish, but don't make mention, it's an unresolved issue, you guys.