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DadBoner - Tue Apr 30 2013

02:46 PM #
Been keepin' it chillin'. Ann says if I keep up my therapy sessions, I can crash on the couch at night instead of the basement. Kinda cool?

02:49 PM #
My therapist's name is Shino. Think she's of far east descent in some exotic local. Grew up in Flint though.Can tell she digs my vibes.

02:52 PM #
Think my therapist was probs confused as to why a cool customer like myself would even go. Told her, Ann said we could get Chili's after.

02:54 PM #
I mean, I can get Chili's anytime I want, but when it's for a reward, the bold flavors just burst through like a gold star made of queso.

03:02 PM #
Told my therapist how I was livin' in my car, but now I'm at Ann's, which is responsible, yet less of a badboy situaish. Flexed a 'cep.

03:06 PM #
Therapist asked what I was doing. Told her, "Flexin' a 'cep. It's part of the K-Money Triple Crown." Said I should make some more appts.

03:11 PM #
Surprising how fast therapy goes by when you're on point like a boss player. Felt like a private interview. Told her, it was MY pleasure.

03:14 PM #
My therapist said I couldn't bring any cold ones next time. Ha! Think she was just givin' me the business. Told her, "no prob." (Wink)

03:22 PM #
Wonder if my therapist could do my sesh AT Chili's? Could start a trend to really sweep the nation. Bold flavors for the MIND, you guys.