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DadBoner - Thu May 02 2013

07:21 AM #
Really lookin' forward to the weekend, you guys.

07:59 AM #
Just heard the news 'bout that NBA fella bein' gay. Might be the new thing? Could stop alotta troubles married players have with road babes.

08:01 AM #
And when you hit the showers, gay or straight, your mind shouldn't be on peeners anyhow. It should just be on the game, you guys.

08:09 AM #
There's tons of NBA guys wastin' dough on random kids they made. Heard that Shawn Kemp has like 17. If he was into dudes, he'd be loaded.

08:10 AM #
As a professional athlete, safe and consensual guy on guy passions behind the scenes just makes good financial sense.

10:02 PM #
Can't sleep. Crazy Cooter keeps callin' askin' if I ever sent, "his f*ckin' Penthouse Forum letter to Penthouse." Think he's on drugs.

10:05 PM #
Coot said, "If you don't send that f*ckin' letter. I'll stop by with a shovel to bury you. I'm gacked and strong backed." Kinda concerning?

10:09 PM #
Gonna go through the 'Bring. Think I wrote Coot's Penthouse letter on a Wendy's bag. Can't be murdered at Ann's. She'd be real steamed.