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DadBoner - Fri May 03 2013

07:08 AM #
Happy Friday to ya, you guys.

07:38 AM #
Just finished up Crazy Cooter's letter to Penthouse Forum. Not safe for work, or other places, you guys.

08:38 PM #
Can't sleep. Heavy in the mind. Saw today that Justin Timberlane is the spokeskid for BL 'Nums Jeez.

08:43 PM #
Why is Justin Timberlane doin' BL 'Nums ads and not Diamond David Lee Roth? It's not too hard to make a phone call, you guys.

08:46 PM #
If Justin Timberlane even drank 2 BL 'Nums, he'd be fallin' out of his tap shoes and takin' a one way trip to Pass Out City.

08:50 PM #
You shouldn't be allowed to do an ad for cold ones if you can't put back a personal 12-pack between 5 and midnight, you guys.

09:05 PM #
I can see Justin Timberlane doin' DiSaronno ads or some crap that takes place in a bar nobody likes. But BL 'Nums? Kinda concerning.

09:21 PM #
Gotta write an ad for BL 'Nums starrin' Diamond Dave Lee. Gonna send it to Budweiser. Gotta put pen to paper when my brain is hot 'n ready.