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DadBoner - Sun May 12 2013

09:00 AM #
Just wanna say a special, "what's up," to all the erotic and consensual Moms from coast to coast, you guys.

09:05 AM #
So steamed. Didn't even know it was Mom's Day. My fam never mentioned it, and the stupid vague TV ads never say EXACTLY what day it is.

09:07 AM #
Sure, Jane Seymour has time to tell you WHAT to buy for Mom's Day, but never says WHEN. It a mind game. Just tell me the date you idiot!

09:10 AM #
Ann left me a note that she was out for "Mother's Day fun with the kids." Really rubbed it my face that I'm missin' out. Bummed.

09:52 AM #
Gotta throw somethin' special together for when Ann gets home. Really show her I was the main man with the Mom's Day plan all along.

09:59 AM #
Makin' a tall Crown & Diet. Bein' loose and conversational really lets you open up with respectful Mom's Day gratitude, you guys.