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DadBoner - Thu May 16 2013

07:01 AM #
Really lookin' forward to the weekend, you guys.

09:07 AM #
Cooter rang. Guess the swimmin' pool company Bean Tooth works for had a guy die from a heart attack and they need somebody. Kinda cool?

09:17 AM #
"A broken man takes his last breath on the clock. And a hungry man is waitin' to punch his card." Could be a Springsteen lyric?

09:27 AM #
Pool construction work is gonna rock so hard. Startin' Monday. No sleeves is the dress code, and the babes are on special. Man. So pumped.

09:41 AM #
Any job that encourages you to dress like Stone Cold Steve Austin is a job you can tell a babe about while lookin' her in the eye, you guys.

09:44 AM #
No babe's ever gotten the lady basement tingles over some corncob tellin' her 'bout how his clicks keys and picks his nose all day at work.