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DadBoner - Sat May 18 2013

08:47 AM #
Just bought a personal sledgehammer. Bringin it to work on Monday. Wrote "K-Money" on the handle. Shows it ain't my first time at the dance.

08:50 AM #
Construction work is all about showin' up with a sledge, ready to do damage, 'til your bod carves itself out to jacked cocoa perfection.

08:52 AM #
The thing about ownin' a sledgehammer is: Even if you don't NEED a sledgehammer, any real man still NEEDS a sledgehammer, you guys.

08:56 AM #
Lotsa guys keep baseball bats in their trunk to show they mean business. But carryin' a sledgehammer in your trunk says you close deals.

08:59 AM #
Gotta hit it hard tonight like a prizefighter. Maybe Chili's? Maybe 'Bee's? Maybe both? Could go for that one-two punch like a boss player.

09:06 AM #
Let's go Red Wings, you guys.