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DadBoner - Tue May 21 2013

07:18 AM #
Had such a blast at my new construction job yesterday. Got some real looks for bringin' my own sledge. Guys were probably like, "whoa."

07:21 AM #
Didn't ever get a chance to use my sledgehammer. Mostly spent the mornin' arguin' who had to get a dead raccoon out of a empty broken pool.

07:25 AM #
Guys decided since I was new, I had to get the dead raccoon. Was pretty nasty. Threw up my Mickey D's. Got some laughs though. Pretty cool?

07:33 AM #
After we threw out the 'coon carcass, the guys decided to "burn a J." Not my style in the AM, but didn't want to be rude on my first day.

07:37 AM #
On your first day at a new gig, if everyone wants to do some drugs, you just do the drugs. Shows you're a team player, ready for success.

07:44 AM #
After we ripped that green heater, everyone just kinda crashed in the homeowner's yard. It was so chill. Felt good to do hard labor.

07:50 AM #
No one showed up to the site today. Must've not heard 'bout the day off. Don't know anyone's name either. Not fully in the know yet.

07:58 AM #
Folks should only work every other day. Job performance could be off the chain if the weekend was always tomorrow or right now, you guys.

12:50 PM #
My bod and construction garments are still pretty rank from fishin' that dead coon outta the nasty pool. Might go scrub up in the mall john.

12:55 PM #
Might have to look into a new housing situaish. Gotta maintain my pride. Can't be comin home to an automotive living area, covered in filth.

01:01 PM #
Reekin' like trash is fine if you're homeless. There's room to air out. But if you're livin' in your car, the foul aromas spell disaster.

01:06 PM #
Wonder why Bean Tooth wasn't at work on Monday? Should give him a ring. Thought we could be job pals. Get each other's back, buddy style.