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DadBoner - Fri May 24 2013

07:16 AM #
Happy Friday to ya, you guys. Here's to you and yours doin' somethin' real special in a celebraish of remembrance for the Red, White & Blue.

07:20 AM #
Memorial D is the time when all Americans need to find the courage to...sorry, just got choked up a little, bad boy style. Kinda bombed.

07:28 AM #
Work fellas were still pumped from the Wings game so we decided to have a quick A.M. toast with some ice cold Bud Heavy 2x4s. So smooth.

07:32 AM #
We're supposed to have the homeowner's pool done by the weekend. A.M. cold ones got a way of turnin' "supposed to" into "not gonna happen."

07:36 AM #
Best thing about havin' a job where no one gives a crap, is everyone's kinda the boss, and no one's kinda the boss, all at the same time.

07:39 AM #
Thought Bean Tooth was in charge, but I saw him gruntin' out a BM in the homeowner's basement window well, so that's questionable.

07:41 AM #
To be fair, Bean Tooth cleaned up his window well BM and threw it in the trash, so it did show a hint of responsibility.

07:44 AM #
When it comes to an outdoor BM situaish, I've been to the dance before. Pride and a proper clean up separates man from the animals.

07:57 AM #
Red Wings are smokin. Tigs are rockin. New gig is off the chain. Slaughter's "Fly To The Angels" is on the FM. Gotta give thanks, you guys.

08:05 AM #
Change in your pocket, domesto cans on ice, your team on top, arms on swoll, a jam on the radio, and babes in the night. The American Dream.