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DadBoner - Mon May 27 2013

10:29 AM #
Happy Memorial D, you guys. For the brave Americans we lost in the pursuit of liberty, justice, and cold ones for all: Let's Roll.

10:46 AM #
'Bout to head over to Bean Tooth's for the celebraish. Hooked it up with a mean batch of my famous Bratato salad. Real bold flavors.

10:54 AM #
Had to use pre-cooked brats and store 'tato salad, but I added in a spicy hab mustard to really kick it up. Mixed it up, right in my car.

10:57 AM #
A true bad boy chef is ready to go to Flavortown at all times. Bet Guy Fieri cooks up off the chain grub in the Camaro once or twice a week.

11:03 AM #
For cookin' up eats, freshnin' your bod, or layin' down one on one steamy carnal passions to a babe, a man's car is the ultimate multi tool.

11:10 AM #
Take my hand, and a cold one in your other. Let's walk through this holiday as free men and babes. Forever and ever. USA, you guys.