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DadBoner - Thu May 30 2013

10:01 AM #
Really lookin' forward to the weekend, you guys.

06:09 PM #
Really hurtin' today. Musta drank a thousand beers last night. When your team loses a big one, it's respectful. Gotta take responsibility.

06:23 PM #
Don't remember much from last night. But when you're drinkin away sadness, it's best to drown your feelings 'til they don't come up for air.

06:29 PM #
I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm gonna fair weather the Hawks through the playoffs. Gotta keep it Midwestern strong, you guys.

06:34 PM #
'Bout 1am last night, me and the crew decided to just crash in the Homeowner's yard with some cold ones so we'd be on time in the mornin'.

06:38 PM #
Guess we made some noise screamin' 'cause the Homeowner came out with a big attitude. Played it chill like we were workin' overtime.

06:41 PM #
Told the Homeowner, "Just tryin' to blow off some steam from the Wings loss by gettin' your J.O.B., D.O.N.E. Complimentary of course."

06:49 PM #
Homeowner started yellin', "You're just drinking back here! That guy's passed out!" Told him, "No, that's Petey." Ha!

06:53 PM #
Homeowner's neighbor came outside and then they both started in with "keep it down!" and "mind your damn business." Lotta bad language.

06:54 PM #
We all decided to split. No need to be in the middle of a confrontation. Took today off to let the Homeowner cool off and get reasonable.

07:01 PM #
When it comes to performin' a service for a wage, I aim to please. But quality can't be measured by the constraints of a clock, you guys.