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DadBoner - Wed Jun 05 2013

06:54 PM #
Things got kinda heated with the Homeowner at work today. Took off yesterday so the destruction of his property would be less clarified.

07:04 PM #
Finished up the job, but he insisted we take off money for the broken window & fish tank. Did lots of "no" nodding like we were slow.

07:06 PM #
When you're overly intelligent, playin' stupid should be hard, but it's not, due to sharpness of mind for adaptiveness on the fly.

07:11 PM #
Told the Homeowner, look kemosabe, any of these young street thugs coulda vandaled your home. It's sad. Why I volunteer. For the kids.

07:21 PM #
Anytime you're about to get pinched for somethin is a good time to bring up how you do stuff for "the kids. Whose kids? Who cares. It works.

07:23 PM #
As long you're too busy to volunteer with children, it's ok to lie about doin it. It's not fair for Free Time Freddies to get all the glory.

07:27 PM #
Told the Homeowner, "No can do on the discount, but we'll donate the cash to the Young Bloods Flint Association." Sounded kinda cool?

07:34 PM #
Homeowner said he'd be reporting us on "Yelp" or some crap? Told him, "Sounds good. We'll review it ASAP." (gave a reassuring finger gun)

07:40 PM #
After acknowledging someone's concern with an oral response, I follow with a finger gun that says, "Karl's gonna satisfy."

07:59 PM #
You can let the customer think they're always right, but it don't mean you have to do nothin' about it if they're a stupid load, you guys.