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DadBoner - Wed Jun 12 2013

04:34 PM #
Bean Tooth got all steamed today that I was "swingin' my sledge around like a maniac." If I wanna work maniac style, I'll do as I please.

04:37 PM #
Told Bean Tooth, "It's my sledgehammer. And I'll swing it anyway want. If you don't like the way I work, evacuate my area."

04:40 PM #
Any real man's got zero time and zero cares for anybody tryin' to tell 'em how to Power Move a tool of destruction in a productive manner.

04:43 PM #
Bean Tooth said, "Whoa. F*ckin' chill, Welzein." Told him, "I'm ice cold, kemosabe. That's a natural fact." Then got back to business.

04:48 PM #
And if you don't like my business, don't shop at my establishment. I got other customers to satisfy. MOSTLY babes, thank you very much.

04:54 PM #
Told Bean Tooth, "See the handle on this sledge? Says, K-MONEY. When it says, BEAN TOOTH, you get a say on how to operate it."

04:58 PM #
Think Bean Tooth caught my alpha dog vibes and went away. Felt bad, but I had to get it on.

05:01 PM #
Big dogs focus on steaks in the yard, not puppy dog scraps on the porch, you guys.