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DadBoner - Sun Jun 16 2013

12:57 PM #
Gotta raise a cold one for all the other Dads out there from coast to coast. Our carnal passions built the future of the USA, you guys.

01:02 PM #
Whether you're crushin' a pile of booze in a parked car by yourself. Or spendin' the day with your fam. Dads rule, on Dads' Day.

01:10 PM #
Wonder what Ann & the kids are up to? Probably down in the dumps 'cause their #1 Papa Bear hasn't rang 'em up for a Dads' Day, "s'up."

01:19 PM #
I wouldn't mind seein' my kids on Dads' Day. I also wouldn't mind watchin' some old Miami Vice episodes. Not gonna freak if neither happens.

01:21 PM #
On Dads' Day, your only top priority is the bottom of a bottle, you guys.

01:28 PM #
Might pack up a mobile smuggle sack o' adult power pops and hit a flick. Check out that Fast or The Furious. Heard it's chill.

01:32 PM #
Dumpin' some secret sauce down your throat in a theater while watchin' Vin Diesel go hard, bad boy style, sounds like Dads' Day done right.