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DadBoner - Thu Jun 20 2013

11:25 AM #
Really lookin' forward to the weekend, you guys.

07:22 PM #
Was watchin' the b-ball game at 'Bee's. Really lost interest after I was asked to leave for fuelin' up my own diet with personal Crown.

07:29 PM #
Don't know why 'Bee's would have a problem with you bringin' in more booze. Thought they were in the good time business. Jeez.

07:38 PM #
Decided to do some chillin' in the 'Bee's parkin' lot, "Where your personal refreshments are always on the menu." Could be a cool slogan?

07:39 PM #
Not worried about the game anyway. It's just kinda good for backround noise.

07:40 PM #
The winner don't matter when it's "no one cares" vs. "not interested."

07:45 PM #
More restaurants need to have afterhours in their own parkin' lot. Places like 'Bee's and Chili's could rage all night long, outlaw style.

07:49 PM #
If 'Bee's had afterhours in their parkin' lot 'til the break of dawn. Man. It wouldn't even be a restaurant anymore. It'd be a lifestyle.

07:58 PM #
Guess the game's over. Don't know who won. Kinda busy right now, drinkin' whisky on the hood of my car, not givin' a crap.