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DadBoner - Sat Jun 22 2013

04:22 PM #
Yesterday, Bean Tooth said he heard that baker gal Paula Deen was in trouble for callin' soul brothers the n-word? Kinda concerning.

04:28 PM #
Bean Tooth said he found out 'cause he likes to look up Paula Deen on his 'puter for "aged porker strokin'." Crass, yet understandable?

04:31 PM #
Can't argue that Paula Deen's butter browned mega buttcheeks could be erotically enticing when you're at the bottom of a bottle, you guys.

04:37 PM #
Bean Tooth said he wants to feast on sweets off Paula Deen's "sloppy hogs" while he, "milks his sinner." Little much for lunchtime convo.

04:41 PM #
Told Bean Tooth, "Chill on the erotic solo pleasure info while I'm eatin' my BK. It ain't good manners to make tug talk over a meal."

04:47 PM #
A BK ad with 2 guys eatin' Whoppers in a truck while they talk about solo stroke pleasures involvin' heavy babes just ain't appetizing.

04:53 PM #
Bean Tooth said, "Just sayin', any old hogger who's talkin' 'bout black dudes all the time probably wants 'em 3 at a time. I saw vids, man."

05:02 PM #
When Bean Tooth started sayin' how he'd "give anything" to see Paula Deen, "triple soul pipe slammed" I went to finish my lunch elsewhere.

05:07 PM #
Now I can't stop involuntarily thinkin' 'bout Paula Deen takin' down a hung soul brother trifecta. Gotta be a bunch of folks doin' the same.

05:13 PM #
It's only human to occasionally have taboo eroticisms pass through the mind as a curiosity, yet not to be acted on, you guys.

05:17 PM #
Gonna hit Chili's, watch the rest of the NHL game. Gotta purge my noggin' of Paula Deen takin' it hot and steamed from thick soul brothers.