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DadBoner - Sun Jun 23 2013

11:26 AM #
Woke up this mornin' in the Chili's parkin' lot with the top dropped, not knowin' what was up or down, covered in trash and possible regret.

11:39 AM #
Some idiot dumped his Chili's lefties all over me. Stained up my new tee. So bummed. It was pre-sleeveless.

11:45 AM #
As I sat baking in someone else's trash beneath an unforgiving sun, my shredded brain drifted to, "Am I still rockin'?"

11:48 AM #
"Am I? Am I still. Rockin'. 'Cause as the #1 bad boy, it's lonely at the top. And answers don't come up from down the ladder."

11:52 AM #
I cleaned most of the lefties off my tee with spit and attitude, then hit the party store for a cold 2x4 and some shade under a maple.

11:55 AM #
"'Course I'm still rockin'. Rock n Roll never dies. Rock n Roll never forgets." I turned up the Crue's, Ten Seconds to Love. Then, louder.

12:01 PM #
I gotta stop crashin' in my ride. My personal operations need a headquarters. A stallion stable I can make moves out of. Right to the top.

12:03 PM #
Crashin' in your ride is chill, but when your new sleeveless USA chopper tee gets ruined with someone's Chili's trash, it's time to upgrade.

12:09 PM #
Sure, there'll be some word on the streets that "K-Money ain't keepin' it real with the all freedom lifestyle by movin' out of his car."

12:12 PM #
I got two American freedom rockets ready to launch on anybody who's got a problem with how I do my business, you guys.

03:57 PM #
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