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DadBoner - Mon Jun 24 2013

09:03 PM #
Can't sleep. I crave so much more out of this crazy world we call, "life." Crashin' in my ride is forgotten freshness.

09:06 PM #
Peeped this bad boy today: Might have to get the bread together. It's got an off the chain outlaw vibe. So money.

09:11 PM #
Goin' from livin' in your car to a mobile home shows dedication to the all freedom lifestyle, but lets the babes know it's just a choice.

09:18 PM #
Wonder if Dave owes me any dough? Might have to swing by with my street moves. "Where my money at Dave? Where? My? MONEY."

09:19 PM #
I gotta guess Dave owes me a least several thousand dollars in cold ones, grub, and advice over the past couple years. Time to collect.

09:21 PM #
Don't be makin' Big Karl get up in your grill over some bank, you guys. Wish I had a handgun. Man.