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DadBoner - Sun Jun 30 2013

05:46 PM #
Been tryin' to get ahold of my book people all weekend. Been leavin' messages 'bout where my Camaro is. Gettin' real steamed.

05:48 PM #
My 'Bring is flamin' hot. That's a natural fact. But when you're aimin' to big time some nobodies, it's gotta be CamarO'Clock.

05:55 PM #
Harper Columns or who ever this book company is better comprende: K-Money need a Ca-maro. Pronto. It's an unspoken gentlemen's agreement.

06:00 PM #
I can chill on my book check for a cool milliion 'til later. But I need that Camaro, or freedom rockets'll rain down like Red White & Hell.

06:03 PM #
When you get hot under the collar, that's when it's time to pop your sleeveless and flex your full swoll with the heat of a thousand suns.

06:07 PM #
Maybe Harper Columns is waitin' for Power Moves to go big time so they can fork over the keys to my Camaro in a big ceremony? Kinda cool?

06:10 PM #
"People of Michigan, Harper Columns and Chevy are proud to present this new badass Camaro signed by Kid Rock to Mr. Karl Welzein, you guys."

06:11 PM #

06:14 PM #
"Karl, you sold like a thousand books, and are a boss player in business and life. Any words of wisdom for the folks here at Comerica?"

06:17 PM #
Llike to say, go Tigers and thanks for the VIP seats. 'Sup to Miggy, Prince, J-Lander, and the rest of the boys. 'Sup to all...

06:19 PM #
...the smokin' Detroit babes out there. Let's rap? Thanks to Chevy for this money 'Maro. And most of all, United We Rock. Let's roll.

06:24 PM #
"Thank you, Karl. POWER MOVES is truly the book of the decade at least. You're pretty much the man." Could happen?

06:25 PM #
Always strive harder to rock harder, you guys. USA. Amen.