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DadBoner - Mon Jul 01 2013

09:43 PM #
Made a baker's dozen phone calls to Harper Columns today 'bout what's the schedule for my complimentary Camaro. Really got the run around.

09:49 PM #
Guess I shouldn't of told the guys at work 'bout my new on the way Camaro. They keep takin' shots like, "Where's your hot rod? Up your ass?"

09:51 PM #
Even if you COULD fit a Camaro up your backdoor stink pipe, you shouldn't park it there. It's American muscle. So disrespectful.

09:54 PM #
Bean Tooth said, "Welzein. If you actually get a Camaro AND have some stupid book come out, I'll suck your c*ck." Kinda concerning.

09:56 PM #
Unless you crave masculine oral passions, an offer for a guy on guy "favor" isn't an enticing reward for success, you guys.

09:59 PM #
Bean Tooth is always sayin' crap like, "If you can do ______, I'll gob your d*ck." Gotta be better ways to present a challenge.

10:13 PM #
Guess it makes sense that lots of debts are payed with oral carnal passions. They're legal AND tender, you guys. (wink)

10:18 PM #
Bet some guys like Ric Flair always have their contracts settled with half oral passions from babes, and half in a briefcase of cash.

10:22 PM #
Gonna catch some z's. My mind's wanderin' to erotic zones. Could sure go for a babe to satisfy. Been just too hectic with business.

10:25 PM #
"Always make sure your bankroll is on point before you get nude & nasty with a young tender." Pretty sure some rapper said that, you guys.