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DadBoner - Tue Jul 02 2013

06:26 AM #
POWER MOVES, LIVIN' THE AMERICAN DREAM USA STYLE is now avail to invest in at I just gotta get that Camaro. Man.

10:38 AM #
Really lookin' forward to the 4th of July weekend celebraish, you guys.

10:30 PM #
Took alotta crap at work again today. Keep wakin' up steamed. Hard to snooze with a mean on. Could blow my top tomorrow.

10:33 PM #
I'm the friggin' man, not some okie doke with one thumb up his p.u. and another in his mouth tryin' to make 'em touch. Sick of this.

10:35 PM #
If I don't get a cool million, or a Camaro, or some friggin' respect, pronto, I'm gonna take the Bonkers train to Maniac station. One way.

10:36 PM #
Sometimes, everybody can suck it, you guys.