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DadBoner - Fri Jul 05 2013

01:50 PM #
REASON TO INVEST IN POWER MOVES #1 Babes ooze carnal desires for a bad boy who’s readin’ the crap out of a book.

01:55 PM #
#2 Whether you’re loose and conversational, or reflectin' in the john, Power Moves inspires social discussions, as well as introspection.

01:57 PM #
#3 If you’re a babe, you can tell that 50 Shades of Trash book to suck it. Power Moves has everything you crave. There’s several...

01:58 PM #
...incidents of erotic passions that are sure to give you the private basement tingles. Both respectfully AND consensually, you guys.

02:03 PM #
#4 Karl needs a Camaro. Pronto. If a Camaro ain't in my future, compliments of the wealthy big wigs at Harper Columns, I'm goin' ape crap.