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DadBoner - Wed Jul 17 2013

06:52 AM #
Woke up this mornin' to Bean Tooth takin' a whizz on me. Sick of this. I'm not a toilet person. I'm Karl.

06:57 AM #
So tired. S'posed to be livin' the American Dream. But sometimes it feels like a nightmare where I can't sleep to survive.

06:59 AM #
Is it too much to ask for a Camaro, and a bed to sleep in, and also to not get urinated on? Those are all just basic human rights, you guys.

07:03 AM #
Had a real come to Jesus moment after Bean Tooth took a hot sleep whizz on my leg. Didn't last, but I had one. Amen style.

07:12 AM #
Wish Harper Columns would get back to me on that 'Maro and the cool million. Feel like a last breath could be my next sometimes.

07:17 AM #
Heard a Creed song that made alotta sense this mornin'. Mighta been a tippin' point. Grey to black is my soul from time to time.

07:19 AM #
If you ain't felt sad darkness during a Creed song, then you don't know nothin' 'bout real sad darkness, you guys.

07:25 AM #
Good Lord. Big Man. Please bless POWER MOVES to the top so I can not be a trash person and possibly rendezvous with some babes. Amen, Karl.