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DadBoner - Mon Jul 22 2013

12:51 PM #
Just heard from Harper Columns. Guess Power Moves ain't a "bestseller." So steamed. Such a load of crap. Wanna choke out somebody.

12:53 PM #
Asked Harper Columns 'bout my Camaro & the cool million. Just hung up on me. Guess if you're not a bestseller, you get a leak taken on you.

12:55 PM #
Think the New York Times might still have a stink up their crack 'bout me takin' that corncob Peener Wells to the streets, bad boy style.

12:57 PM #
If I walked into the NYT bigshot offices and started makin' the "cut your throat" sign, 'Taker style, I'd be a bestseller by sundown.

01:00 PM #
'Round here, you don't mess with a man's shot a free Camaro. Guess the New York Times sissy bonanza don't get the meanin' of "guy code."

01:06 PM #
Sure would like to walk up tall to the New York Times and rock Double Middle Freedom Rockets in their "better than you" mugs, you guys.