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DadBoner - Sat Jul 27 2013

12:13 PM #
Really hurtin'. Feel like I drank a thousand beers last night, you guys.

12:17 PM #
Work rocked it this week. Only had a 2-day-er. Any more than 2 days of work a week is so wasteful of your time, bod, and thinkin'.

12:21 PM #
Got a new worker on the job this week. Name's Joseph. His guy pipes are so on point. Bet he can do a thousand 'shups. So badass. Man.

12:26 PM #
Told Joseph, we should head out in the night, double team bad boy style (sleeves optional), and get the babes ripe for pickin'.

12:28 PM #
Don't think Joseph heard me 'cause he just bet me 5 bucks he could crush Bean Tooth's chest in with one finger, then did it. Kinda cool?

12:31 PM #
Joseph kick-pushed Bean Tooth in the gut with his Red Wing on top of a dirt pile, then started stabbin' his finger in his chest. Real hard.

12:35 PM #
When a maniac badass is on top of you, puttin' in the pain, and strippin' away your last bits of self worth, a squeal is understandable.

12:43 PM #
Kinda pumped for Monday? Gotta get in tight with Joseph so we can crush babes 24/7, 365, O.O.S. Ain't met a cool guy like myself in awhile.

12:48 PM #
Gonna find a dark bar to watch the Tigs game in, get knee deep in some top shelf margs, keep it positive and on point. Karl time.

12:53 PM #
Gettin' bombed solo in a bar & watchin' a baseball game from tip to tail is a better place to find God than in a church on Sunday, you guys.