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DadBoner - Wed Jul 31 2013

12:01 PM #
Had a blast after work last night with the fellas. Magic Carpet Ride came on in the truck. Forgot what a jam it was. Man.

12:06 PM #
Petey was drivin', Joseph in the front, me and Bean Tooth in the back. Sippin' cold ones, Steppenwolf cranked, air drummin'. Felt SO good.

12:09 PM #
After a hard day, should be a legal amount of cold ones you can drink in the car on the way home. 2 or 3 seems totally safe & reasonable.

12:13 PM #
Bean Tooth was feelin' green 'due to a possible bad burreet he left in the truck all day. "It was in the shade" isn't sound food science.

12:16 PM #
To be fair, a Don Miguel "The Bomb" burreet from 7-Eleven is such a classic. Been a fan since way back. Always hits the spot, you guys.

12:19 PM #
Around that part in Magic Carpet Ride where you think it's over but the lyrics start back up, Tooth gut sprayed out the back cab window.

12:26 PM #
We were crankin' pretty hot on I-75 and Bean Tooth's Bomb Burreet upchuck nailed some guy's conversion van. Real shame, it was SO boss.

12:33 PM #
Watchin' that guy swerve off to the side of the road really made me think: Why don't I have a conversion van?

12:35 PM #
If you haven't considered gettin' a conversion van at least once, it either means you already have one, or you don't know what "cool" is.

12:37 PM #
Ownin' a conversion van in the USA means you don't have to waste your time goin' home, 'cause you're already there, you guys.