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DadBoner - Fri Aug 02 2013

10:02 AM #
Happy Friday to ya, you guys.

03:35 PM #
Just somethin' 'bout the weekend that turns a man into a real babe craver.

03:36 PM #
I'm a babe craver from way back, you guys.

03:38 PM #
Sure, weekday babes are fine. But any true babe craver knows weekend babes are mucho more ripe 'n juicy with bold babe flavors.

03:41 PM #
Work was chill today. Silk Robe looked out the window a few times. Made sure to pop my jersey to leave less to the imagination.

03:48 PM #
There's lots of ways to look cool when you're takin' off your shirt. But confidence is the key to maximum swag when you showcase your bod.

03:53 PM #
When I rip off my shirt, I like to reach over my head, grab the back while in mid stride, and tug it up, like business is about to begin.

03:57 PM #
After your shirt is removed with success, gotta take care to smooth back down any strays from your pony. Don't wanna look like a slobsack.

04:03 PM #
Got a rich cocoa tan on my macho flesh. Shows off the definish on my delts, bis, & tris. Swoll to perfection from workin' my float & trowel.

04:08 PM #
Somethin' 'bout a workin' man headin' out on a weekend with outdoor job rattlesnakes and a cocoa tan that makes the babes say, "whoa."

04:10 PM #
Ain't no use in bein' a babe craver if the babes ain't cravin' you back with desires of macho eroticism, one on one, you guys.