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DadBoner - Mon Aug 05 2013

09:17 PM #
Can't sleep. Got a couple real solid peeps on Silk Robe's thick & all naturals today. Man. Almost done with the job. Gotta make a move.

09:26 PM #
Not even sure what Silk Robe's relaish situaish is. Hope it's single and ready to mingle. That's pretty much the best way for a babe to be.

09:33 PM #
When a babe's involved, yet showin' off her primo toppings, it raises a guy zone concern for the carnal action left forever craved.

09:37 PM #
Think part of the reason I keep single and ready to mingle is out of politeness for babes' feelins. Don't want 'em frustrated. Karl cares.

09:43 PM #
Gonna come on strong to Silk Robe tomorrow with mad swag. Really kick her the full vibes. Captain Karl, full steam ahead.

09:49 PM #
When you're 110% macho beef, 99% of possible steamy carnal passions with a babe just comes down to askin', you guys.