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DadBoner - Wed Aug 07 2013

03:02 PM #
Pretty big day today. Tried out the new Smothered Burreet from The Bell. Was super pumped, then, discovered rice inside. So disappointing.

03:05 PM #
Everyone knows, usin' rice in a dish is an old latino trick to make a meal stretch for poors. Shouldn't EVER be in a premium Bell item.

03:08 PM #
And, Taco Bell big wigs try to fool savvy consumers by callin' the rice in their Smothered Burreet "premium." Rice is just rice. Nice try.

03:10 PM #
Any burreet that comes with rice in it should also come with a note stuffed in there that says, "We're ashamed for skimpin' on the meat."

03:13 PM #
No one gets rice on purpose unless it's part of their culture. Everyone else knows it's just throw away filler for animals, respectfully.

03:17 PM #
Hey Taco Bell, next time you wanna sneak rice in my PREMIUM burreet, just wind up and kick me in the guy veggies instead. Jeez.

03:21 PM #
Shoulda known better 'bout that Smothered Burreet from the Bell when that sissy momma's boy on the commersh was actin' like a baby corncob.

03:24 PM #
The Smothered Burreet commersh should just show that sissy's momma wipin' his backdoor, then end with, "Sorry the burreet has rice in it."

03:31 PM #
Any thick and natural USA babe worth her curves is gonna crave a juicy meat man over a veggie rice boy, you guys.

05:29 PM #
Kinda bummed. Didn't see Silk Robe around at the job today after we finished up. Might see if it's chill to take the bill over personally.

05:40 PM #
If your day don't involve 1) a solid lunch, and 2) a shot at the chest beefers you crave, why even mind wakin' up to breathe in the mornin'?