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DadBoner - Fri Aug 09 2013

11:09 AM #
Happy Friday to ya, you guys.

11:38 AM #
Swung by Silk Robe's yesterday with the repair bill for her pool. Called an audible and made one up 'cause I didn't have authorization.

11:40 AM #
If a rule don't feel right, it's basically optional if you believe what you're doin' is for the best or for a babe, you guys.

11:44 AM #
Silk Robe wasn't home, so I hit a party store for a styro cooler, Bud Heavies, and some ice. Nothing like floatin' some Great Whites.

11:46 AM #
Kept it chillin' in Silk Robe's backyard for a few hours, crackin' Great Whites and givin' her pool an "man test." Real refreshin'.

11:48 AM #
The only time drinkin' cold ones out of an ice filled cooler gets old is when they're gone, you guys.

11:57 AM #
Don't know why anybody ever gets "bored." Buy a styro cooler, cold ones and ice. Then, go ANYWHERE and drink it. You ain't bored no more.

12:05 PM #
After a dozen Great Whites, took a less than desirable pool snooze. Safe on the steps in the in the shallow end though out of keen instinct.

12:08 PM #
Woke up in the pool, cold in the darkness. Peener and veggies retreated inside my bod. Thumb Tip City. Kinda concerning.

12:11 PM #
Guess Silk Robe is outta town or somethin' 'cause when I went bonkers knockin' on her backdoor the window broke and no one was around.

12:14 PM #
My peener was in a bad way and chances ain't an option for my guy zone. Ran hot water in the kitchen sink and hiked up for satisfaction.

12:16 PM #
Silk Robe's hot sink water felt so decadent on my shrunk man piece. Stayed there 'til "Where's The Beef?" wasn't a question. For safety.

12:18 PM #
Left a note explainin' the situaish. Thought it might be a solid in to a one on one convo with Silk Robe. Really cravin' her call.

12:19 PM #
If a babe's chest beefers are true, you can practically hear 'em over the phone with ear feel, you guys.