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DadBoner - Tue Aug 13 2013

06:49 PM #
Been layin' low. Guess Joseph got picked up and put in jail for a few nights for breakin' into Silk Robe's house. Kinda concerning?

06:54 PM #
Guess Silk Robe found my note that said, "Sorry 'bout your window. Had to soak my peener in your sink for safety. It was danger chilled.

06:57 PM #
Also, gotta say a big 'so sorry' 'bout the empty Great Whites. Let's convo. One on one." Man. Got squirt an emerg 'rrhea. Finish this later.

08:55 PM #
Real nightmare. Had to run to BK with a loose stool situaish. So stressed. Really blew it up when I blew it out. So nasty.

08:59 PM #
Had to get it on with a Bacon Cheddar Stuffed burg from BK after I tore down their john with my ripe D. Least I could do in appreciation.

09:02 PM #
If you destroy the john at a food establishment, it's common courtesy to at least buy somethin' after as a thanks for keepin' your dignity.

09:05 PM #
Places like Mickey D's and BK should put on their marquee: 1 ITEM MINIMUM PER CUSTOMR 2 STINK UP OUR RESTROOM THX." Make it clear.

09:14 PM #
Anyway, so I signed the note to Silk Robe with, "The All Macho Beef Pool Man with the bod you've been cravin' and not dinky peener."

09:24 PM #
Guess Silk Robe called the police and they got Joseph's number from Bean Tooth for the B&E. Joseph's got priors. He's out on bond. Uh oh?

09:28 PM #
Concerned 'bout a violent assault from Joseph, but mostly steamed that Silk Robe didn't think I was the #1 All Macho Beef Pool Man.

09:30 PM #
If Silk Robe pinned the B&E on Joseph, does that mean that she was cravin' his bod? Might have to stop by. Gotta be a big mix up.

09:41 PM #
When you got a carnal taste for a babe, any true bad boy wants to make it certain that she's thinkin' 'bout your touch at pillow time.

09:48 PM #
It ain't always about the erotic championship you crave with a babe. Sometimes it's just knowin' you had a shot at the title, you guys.