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DadBoner - Thu Aug 15 2013

10:33 AM #
Really lookin' forward to the weekend, you guys.

03:18 PM #
Heard my man Prince Fielder's havin' some problems in the wife department. Sure would like to reach out over a cold one, guy to guy.

03:22 PM #
Know what it's like when your wife can't handle the all beef power moves of a natural hunk. Prince Fielder's probably hurtin' with emotion.

03:25 PM #
Prince Fielder's gonna be fine. There'll be thick and rich Detroit babes lined up around the block wantin' a piece of The Rasta Bear. Man.

03:29 PM #
Prince Fielder needs 5 to 7 consensually erotic slump busters and he'll be swinging his stick again successfully. (Ha! Guy humor.)

03:30 PM #
Know if I was married to Prince Fielder, I'd never let him go. Not my style though. I'm a 100% babe craver from way back.

03:36 PM #
Rough & rugged on the outside. Tender and juicy on the inside. Sometimes even bad boys like me and Prince Fielder get bruised by a babe.

03:43 PM #
When it comes to the Detroit Tigers, everybody's gotta pitch in to make sure crap don't go bad. Motown needs W's anyway they can get 'em.

03:45 PM #
If you gotta pound a thousand cold ones to rally Detroit, don't ask questions. "Suck 'em down in support." That'a policy I just made up.

03:46 PM #
Now, more than ever: Bless You Boys, you guys.