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DadBoner - Fri Aug 16 2013

12:22 PM #
Happy Friday to ya, you guys.

08:49 PM #
Swung by Silk Robe's today. Answered the door in sweats and a WIOG Party Lizard tee. Not as enticing, but then again, maybe more enticing?

08:52 PM #
Somethin' 'bout a babe all raw dog in a vintage radio station giveaway tee that says, "I've been to the dance before. Let's do this."

08:56 PM #
Got right to the point after really soakin' in her ripe chest beefers from behind my shades for 3-4 consensual seconds, respectfully:

08:58 PM #
"Look babe, I been peepin' your stare downs on my beef bod and gotta get me a straight and direct as to who's your #1 erotic bad boy?"

09:05 PM #
Silk Robe said, "Were you one of the pool helpers? Sorry, I think one of your guys damaged my house and left a psychotic note." (!?)

09:06 PM #
Told Silk Robe,"Look babe, damages aside and left out of this discussion, I gotta know who the meat king is when you hit the pillow!"

09:09 PM #
Silk Robe musta had a carnal urge she didn't invite 'cause when I dipped my shades and flexed a 'cep she slammed the door pronto.

09:11 PM #
Out of politeness I decided to hit the bricks before Silk Robe got natural and did somethin' she'd regret. Why I parked around the corner.

09:11 PM #
Gotta respect the ladies, you guys.