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DadBoner - Thu Aug 22 2013

02:15 PM #
Really lookin' forward to the weekend, you guys.

02:43 PM #
Fenton's is pretty chillin'. They got a mean Ruby Tuesday's. So off the chain. Rube Tues is really kickin' the door down with innovation.

02:48 PM #
With $5 PREMIUM cocktails, ALL day, EVERY day, looks like Rube Tues might be makin' a move on 'Bee's as the #1 party hot spot in the USA.

02:56 PM #
$5 every day PREMIUM cocktails at Ruby Tuesday's really says, "Feel free to start anytime. And no need to stop 'til you're good and done."

03:04 PM #
$5 all day preem booze at Rube Tues lets ya know they don't care bout your well bein. Just your happiness. Nice to be treated like an adult.

03:16 PM #
Should be a law of equality that all cocktails should be $5. Shouldn't have to sweat a top shelf tab just 'cause you got refined tastes.

03:25 PM #
With Ruby Tuesday's $5 all day preem booze drinks, there's no need to sneak in a flask to spike your pop like pretty much everyone used to.

03:33 PM #
Don't know why it's frowned upon to "sneak" your own booze into a restaurant. It's YOUR booze. What is it, reverse stealing? So stupid.

03:40 PM #
I like to drink booze where I am. If I can. And if I can't. I go somewhere else, you guys.