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DadBoner - Fri Aug 23 2013

10:51 AM #
Happy Friday to ya, you guys.

01:51 PM #
Hit up Ruby Tuesday again. With their all day $5 preemo boozetail spesh, it's like you're makin' money drinkin'. Not really. But close?

01:55 PM #
The bartender babe at Ruby Tuesday asked if I heard about their, "Fun Between The Buns" promotion. Started chokin' and spit out some marg.

01:57 PM #
Felt like an assclown spittin up my marg. But when a babe mentions, "Fun Between The Buns," my deep erotic sensors go bonkers, respectfully.

02:00 PM #
Ain't everyday when you're daytime bombed on value boozetails and some smokeshow brings up Fun Between The Buns outta nowhere. Man.

02:04 PM #
I've had Fun Between the Buns. With Mega Buttcheeks. Called "hotdoggin'." Not gonna go in to detail like some classless animal though.

02:06 PM #
Turns out Ruby Tuesday's "Fun Between The Buns" ain't what pretty much every erotic bad boy craves it to be. It's about hamburgs. Jeez.

02:09 PM #
Wonder if it's even legal for Ruby Tuesday's to tease with promises of peener twixt buttcheek passions, but then it's just a hamburg offer?

02:12 PM #
What's gonna crappin' when a whole gang of carnal cravers shows up at a Rube Tues super randy for action? Buncha stuff could get broken.

02:14 PM #
Me? I've got control over my erotic urges. Plus, I'm doin' A-OK in the babe department, thank you very much. Some corncobs ain't so lucky.

02:17 PM #
When it comes to that "Fun Between The Buns" promo; Ruby Tuesday's better learn to stop the teasin', and start the pleasin'. Wink.

02:19 PM #
Fun Between The Buns should only be had carnally and consensually of course. That's my policy. Gotta respect the ladies, you guys.

02:22 PM #
If Ruby Tuesday's can have a "Fun Between The Buns" ad, what's next; a "Chest Beefer Slammers" promo at 'Bee's? Too raunchy? Who knows.